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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WEM CHA AC DRIVE FOUR QUADRANT TYPE 3 phase 380V/415V/440V/460V/480V/525V 132kW~1200kW

Product Description:

3 phase 380V/415V/440V/460V/480V/525V 132kW~1200kW

Less current harmonics in the Grid side. Base waveform power factor is close to 1(full load)

Excellent close loop vector control, Zero speed 200% Mn..

Three kinds control mode: sensorless vector control, vector control with PG, V/F control.

The same structure of rectifier and inverter unit, Simplify the system., easy to maintenance.

Sine wave regenerative braking unit, save the energy, protect environment;

Same structure for power unit of rectifier and converter;

Separate control for rectifier and converter;

Special function for lifting application: Logic control when power on, brake control, pre-excitation, overspeed protection, compensation of starting torque and so on;


Master-slave function can realize the power equilibrium and speed synchronization;

The second motor control and switch function can decrease the system cost;

Different external port can be used on different application.

Double protection of system and unit module, sequential control when power on, gate control and automatically save before faulty.

Typical application:

STS (SHIP-TO-SHORE CRANE), RMG, Gantry crane, loading machine, unloading machine, dumper;

Large Big tonnage crane-bridge and gate (greater tanr 40 tons );

Crane for mine, conveyer; 

Rolling mill using multi-motors, hoists and for blast furnace;

Centrifuge, pouring washer;

Segment drive for paper machine;

Centrifugal casting machine, large punching machine.