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Thursday, September 16, 2010


What we can offer

CHV 100 Series close loop vector control inverter (1.5 ~ 2000kw)

Typical Application: Printing machine, dyeing machine, paper machine, wind and unwind, high accuracy machine tool, cutting machine, steel rolling, metal wire machine, draw bench, position control, zero speed servo control.

CHE 100 Series Sensorless vector control inverter (0.4 ~ 2000kw)

Typical Application: Textile, printing & dyeing, chemical fibres, paper making, wire-drawing, manipulator, solid warehouse, oxygen making machine, machine tools, air-compressor, ceramic machine.

CHF 100 Series High performance universal inverter (0.75 ~ 2000kw)

Typical Application: Pumps and fans, extruder, automatic production line, air conditioner, water supply, food machine, blender, packing machine, medicine machine, conveyor, blowmolding machine, oil pump, fountain.

CHV 110 Series energy saving cabinet (7.5 ~ 110kw)

Typical Application: Air compressor, injection molding machine, with injection molding card - collect and process signal of pressure and flow of injection molding machine.

CHE / CHV 150 Series high speed inverter (0 ~ 3000Hz 1.5 ~ 22kw)
Typical Application: High speed spinning machine, machine tools.

CHV 160 Series Special inverter for multi-pumps water supply (5.5 ~ 630kw)

Typical Application: Water supply of fie protection, central air conditioning system, cycle cooling water, Industrial boiler, oil transportation pump, water and sewage treatment.

CHV 170 Series Special inverter for tension control (1.5 ~ 560kw)

Typical Application: Central winding/unwinding control, printing machine, dyeing machine, packaging machine, paper machine, chemical fibre, etc.

CHV 180 Series Inverter for elevator (4 ~ 30kw)

Typical Application: Elevator.

CHV 190 Series Inverter for Crane (4 ~ 560kw)

Typical Application: Crane.

CHA 110 Series four quadrant vector control inverter (132 ~ 1200kw)

CHV Series medium voltage inverter (1140volt 22 ~ 2800kw)

Typical Application: Belt transportation machine in mine, screed transportation machine, fan, water pump, oil pump.

CHH Series high voltage inverter (3.3KV/6.6KV/11KV 250 ~ 7100Kw)

Typical Application: Power plant, water supply, cement, iron and steel, petrochemical, oil and gas.

DBU Series Braking unit (18.5 ~ 315kw)

RBU series Regenerative braking unit (7.5 ~ 250kw)