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Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi Grant,

How are you guys doing back there in SA?Looks like your business has really taken off, good for you
guys, well done and I hope it continues! From Neil Spiers - Ex Anglo American South Africa now residing overeas. (22 Sept 2010)

Hi Grant , your 450 kW 6 Pole 6,6 kV Slip Ring motor is running beautifully .Thank you for your support and hope to do business with you again. Thanks Sunil (Large Company RSA South Coast)

Hi Grant!!
Could you please supply me with a quotation on a 1.5kW 230V and a 2.2kW 230V AC drives, as we use those sizes the most in our factory. Thanks Wiseman

Hi Grant Thanks for the call. You shall always be recommended to clients.
Regards, Arnie Sasol Secunda

Dear Burt, Thanks for your kind assistance yesterday and for Robbies details
We look forward to a fruitful working relationship.Regards Tahir - Project Manager

Hi Grant I trust you are well. Please could quote me on: 3x 330kw/6.6kv motors for water pumping duty
1. standard motor.2. high efficiency version.3. with AC drive/softstarter etc.Re your energy-savings ‘drive’, you should come to us for a visit our Projects we have quite a few projects in design/estimation phase we need

your help to spec things in now. Also have a dedicated ‘Energy Manager. Hansell Williams Diamond Mining

Hi Grant, thanks for the info, I have forwarded your email to our Engineers and Procurrement.Willem - Pr.Cert.Eng, [Pr.Dipl Ing] Technical Manager (Coal Mining)

Hi Grant

As per our conversation, here are the details of the failed motor, and I will be happy for your alternative suggestions:3 Phase slip ring motorMake: CMG conn deltaType: 315M 6 poles RPM 960 Frame: 315MV: 380 A: 230A Best regards Wilfred - Mine in Africa

Hi Grant / Wulf Can you urgently quote on New WEM AC Drives
1. 630 Kw VSD, 550v, 50Hz, 2.55 Kw VSD, 550v, 50Hz 3. 45Kw VSD, 550v, 50 Hz
• The 45 and 55 kw vsds are for driving rotary screw compressors.
• The 660kw vsd is for driving a cursher.
Both drives are four pole drives.
for the compressor drives the maximum cable length put it at 5m, and for the crusher drive put it at 10m.Our ambient temperature is 30 degrees and the worst case temperatures can reach 40 dgrees, this is an outdoor application so the drive will be housed in an outdoor enclosure.
as for the communication you can quote me for profibus. Thanks Wellington

We are looking for the following URGENTLY!!!:
375 Kw 380 vac 6 Pole Foot mounted Starter: Star Delta
Please this is urgent, also quote Digital Soft Starter and AC Variable speed Drive Thanks Tony RSA

Hi Grant Many thanks and appreciated; all the best to you and staff, Regards Vis Pillay Sugar Company RSA

Hi there, GrantPlease forward your quote for the following electric motor,132Kw/ 2,975 RPM/Mounting B3/Frame Size D315S required on a BreakdownVince Tyre Company South Africa

Hi Grant, Thanks for the info, I will contact you in the event of us requiring anything.
Thanks Hein Large Paint Manufacturer

Hi Grant

WE are looking for a 600kW 8 Pole, 11kV motor for a Ventilation Fan for use underground, do you have any second hand motors available. A motor of up to 750kW would also be ok for the application. Thanks Regards Tom Large Project House

Hi Grant/ Damie
Please supply a quote on the following motor and include zork protection:
Motor,Alternating current Short name Motor,Ac  Power rating 390kWRotational speed 1474rpm
Voltage rating 3.3kVMotor mounting method B3 foot mounting Environmental protection IP55,IC411 cooling Insulation class Cl f insul Current rating 82A  Duty rating S1 duty  Furnished items C/W 315W,110V internal heater Furnished items Nu219+6219c3 drive end bearing Furnished items Nu219c3 non drive end bearing Special features Bp energrease ls2 lubrication Special features 40deg c Regards Nick (Large Smelter)

Hi Grant, Danie Please find attachments for the request for pricing for EFF1 High Efficiency motors
Regards Zar

Attention Grant and Danie, Do you have a spare motor for us? for our ER8 Compressor
Thanks and Regards Danja Project Engineer (Large Metal Company Part of Angloamerican Group)

Dear Grant & Danie
We are an Australian based mining company and we have an immediate requirement for a short leadtime replacement electric motor for one of our ball mill motors and gearbox – 12’ x 18’ Allis Chalmers Ball Mill
1MW (1000 kW) synchronous electric motor 11KV 50 Hz (totally enclosed fan cooled). – 980 or 1250 rpm - Feeding into a right angle reduction gearbox with output target of 240 rpm - Liquid resistor or soft starter Thanks Stephen

Hi  Andre / Wulf
I Have a project where i need to install a braking system on a 37 kw motor , please let me know if you can supply me with the brake or would it just be better to buy the complete new system ( brake and motor ) . I have attached the drawing the client has sent to me, the supply voltage to the brake must be 525vac Thanks Stephen

Hi Danie / Grant We have an immediate requirement of the following HT Motor
The following are the brief specifications for 1 x 1500 KW, 11 KV, HT motor for cane Fibrizer.
Rating = 1500 KW Voltage = 11000 volts ACType = SLIP RING – TEFC with forced cooling.
Speed = 750 RPM Frequency = 50 Hz. Application – Cane Fibrizer Kindly arrange to send your competitive offer for the same by return mail with all technical details
The above motor should be capable of drive the cane Fibrizer unit at a maximum of 15 % slip.
The Fibrizer having the load of 88000 KG sq mtr. GD sq. value Please provide the following additional details of motors  Static load of the motor.Dynamic load of the motor.
Speed torque characteristics curves to decide the slip ring rotor starter.
Foundation design calculations.Also confirm that, whether the motors are capable to handle the above GD2 load.Manager Materials & Liaison (Large Sugar Company Uganda)

Hi Helene, Please advise on delivery date on the following order This will be much appreciated Regards Sheree Murray & Roberts

Hi Grant,Is there any possibility for a sole Distributor / Agency in the Middelburg/Witbank area? My company is looking for a partnership in the electrical motor industry - Sorry Collisens Electrical are our Agents in Witbank Middelburg and Collisens are doing a gfantastic Job. Regards Grant

Hi Wulf/ Grant I am looking for 4x 250KW Soft Starters with 200A – 300A Fused Isolators and a shorting Contactor.That can opperate a 250KW Conveyor motor. Control is 110V Thanks  Quentin (a Conveyor Manufacturer)

Hi Gant
I require a motor to operate a Hazemag AP-KV0805 type crusher in a mining environment.
IMS the suppliers of the crusher say I require a 110 kW, 4 pole, 50Hz electrical motor with VSD / frequency converter with starter and control panel.Can you price the motor & do you supply VSD’s control panels etc Regards Peter

Hallo Grant

Here is the motor specs as per our conversation:  900KW, 4P ,660V , FRAME-1LA1 503-4 ,  (two are in operation ) we are urgently looking for the front end shield Regards Peet Lafarge Industries South Africa

Hi Grant

I am looking for price and availability for 2 of the following EFF2 squirrel Cage standard motor 500kW 525vac 3phase foot mount, 4 pole.Thanks and regards Paul First Quantum Minerals

Hallo Guys
We at PPC are in the need of a 55 / 60 KW (70 BHP) Slipring motor.
Please let me know if you got any or if you are able to get one and the price of such a unit.
Thank you very much for your co-operation. Regards Nols PPC

Afternoon, Grant and Danie

Please find attached the request to submit your quotes for the supply of 1000kw 6,6kv motor as per attached specification.Rrgards Nokuthula Harmony Gold