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Thursday, September 16, 2010

HRVS-DN Medium Voltage soft starter Advantages at a Glance for the HRVS-DN Medium

WEM medium voltage soft starter is considered as the most reliable soft starter in todays' Industrial and Marine markets ? The HRVS-DN is a third generation, digital, Medium Voltage Soft Starter, designed for use with standard MV asynchronous and synchronous motors. This highly sophisticated soft starter ensures smooth, step-less acceleration and deceleration, eliminating high inrush current and damaging mechanical torque on startup and mechanical wear on stopping. The HRVS-DN is available as a stand-alone product or as part of a complete system including Line and/or Bypass Contactors. Additional options for medium voltage soft starter include Load Break Switch, Motor Protection Relay, Digital Multi-meter, etc.

We can customize our medium voltage soft to provide for every application 

Advantages at a Glance for the HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter

• Eliminates high inrush current and high mechanical torque on startup.

• Soft, stepless acceleration & deceleration.

• Unique starting & stopping characteristics.

• User friendly, straight forward set-up and operation.

• Sophisticated motor protection package.

• Heavy duty design: 50°C ambient temperature.

• Innovative low voltage test mode - full function-testing with a small L.V motor, using LV mains.

• Advanced Electronic Potential Transformer utilizing Patent Pending "wireless" fiber-optic controlled firing system.

• Each starter is tested for Partial Discharge (corona) to ensure long term reliability.

• Power factor capacitors can be connected directly to the upstream contactor.

• IP30-standard, higher protection by special order.

• Two optional methods of delivery: Chassis type for self assembly or Complete system

• RS485 Communication with MODBUS, MODBUS/TCP, PROFIBUS or Device-Net protocols (others available on request)

• Wide 45-65Hz Auto-tracking frequency range realized by special software with unique hardware arrangement.

(designed for Marine, Offshore and Generators operating under continuous frequency fluctuation)

• Torque and current starting and stopping characteristics.

• Pump control software.

• Analog output option.

• Motor Insulation Protection option (with programmable alarm and trip levels via seperate additional output).

Medium Voltage Soft Starters Range: 2300-7200V, 30-3000A


What we can offer

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Typical Application: Printing machine, dyeing machine, paper machine, wind and unwind, high accuracy machine tool, cutting machine, steel rolling, metal wire machine, draw bench, position control, zero speed servo control.

CHE 100 Series Sensorless vector control inverter (0.4 ~ 2000kw)

Typical Application: Textile, printing & dyeing, chemical fibres, paper making, wire-drawing, manipulator, solid warehouse, oxygen making machine, machine tools, air-compressor, ceramic machine.

CHF 100 Series High performance universal inverter (0.75 ~ 2000kw)

Typical Application: Pumps and fans, extruder, automatic production line, air conditioner, water supply, food machine, blender, packing machine, medicine machine, conveyor, blowmolding machine, oil pump, fountain.

CHV 110 Series energy saving cabinet (7.5 ~ 110kw)

Typical Application: Air compressor, injection molding machine, with injection molding card - collect and process signal of pressure and flow of injection molding machine.

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Typical Application: Central winding/unwinding control, printing machine, dyeing machine, packaging machine, paper machine, chemical fibre, etc.

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Typical Application: Elevator.

CHV 190 Series Inverter for Crane (4 ~ 560kw)

Typical Application: Crane.

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CHV Series medium voltage inverter (1140volt 22 ~ 2800kw)

Typical Application: Belt transportation machine in mine, screed transportation machine, fan, water pump, oil pump.

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Typical Application: Power plant, water supply, cement, iron and steel, petrochemical, oil and gas.

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